Nihongo Lesson: How do you do? – Introduction

How do you do - Nihongo Let's start to learn Japanese. You can make various sentences just using basic vocabulary. We introduced basic sentence structures of Japanese language as your first step. You can also learn basic Japanese grammar through making simple sentences. Satoo-san visited Tanaka-san's office for the first time. Tanaka : [...]

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Nihongo Class in Makati, Davao, Baguio and Laguna

Lead Training and Business Solutions(LTBS) offers Nihongo Class in the Davao, Makati, Baguio and Laguna. LTBS offers this class as a Preparatory Japanese Language Programs for International Students. Japanese Language 150 hours Nihongo class They offer 150 hours Nihongo class for Foreign Student Class. This class covers Elementary Japanese Language + Cross-culture + [...]

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Study in Japan- Free Career Orientation in Lead Davao Office

ATTENTION TO ALL *DAVAO CITY* INTERESTED APPLICANTS; (DAVAO CITY FREE OPEN FORUM / PROGRAM PRESENTATION UPDATE) 😊👍💯✅🇯🇵✈️💲 When: JANUARY 28, 2017 *Saturday* Time: 3pm (please be on time) Venue: 2nd floor of Mcpod Building beside Ateneo Gradeschool, Matina (fronting Mcdonalds MTS) For seat reservation, text your Full Name, Age, Cellphone# & Location to JORCIE - [...]

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Another Successful DAVAO – Fly Now Pay Later Assessment and Orientation

Another Successful DAVAO - Fly Now Pay Later Assessment and Orientation January 14, 2017. Congratulations to those who passed! Ganbatte! 😁👍🎌🗾✈💴 --FLY NOW PAY LATER-- For Nursing graduates only Requirements: 1. Not more than 35 years old 2. BS Nursing graduate 3. Willing to study Japanese Try your luck in the land of the rising [...]

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What is my name in Japanese ? (Part 2 )

Here is part 2 of how you name is written in Katakana and pronounce in japanese romaji. If you want to learn more about japanese language, visit our japanese language school in Davao, Makati and Baguio or visit our language program page for more details. Name Katakana Romaji Caitlin ケイトリン  keitorin  Cameron キャメロン  kyameron  Carlos [...]

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Orientation in Lead- Japanese School in Davao

  Orientation and assessment of Japan international student applicants in Davao City.     Visit our office and Japanese language school in Davao City WE ARE JAPANESE LANGUAGE SCHOOL IN THE PHILIPPINES  with Japanese language school in Davao and Japanese language school in Makati

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