Nihongo Lesson: How do you do? – Introduction

Nihongo Lesson: How do you do? – Introduction

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How do you do – Nihongo

Let’s start to learn Japanese. You can make various sentences just using basic vocabulary. We introduced basic sentence structures of Japanese language as your first step. You can also learn basic Japanese grammar through making simple sentences.

Satoo-san visited Tanaka-san’s office for the first time.

Tanaka : Hajimemashite. Tanaka desu. Doozo yoroshiku.
Satoo : Hajimemashite. Satoo desu. Doozo yoroshiku.
Tanaka : Doozo ohairi kudasai.
Satoo : Hai. Shitsurei shimasu.


Tanaka : How do you do? I’m Tanaka. Nice to meet you.
Satoo : How do you do? I’m Satoo. I’m glad to meet you.
Tanaka : Please come in.
Satoo : Thank you.


Yamada met Lucy for the first time

Yamada : Hajimemashite. Yamada desu. Doozo yoroshiku.
Lucy : Hajimemashite. Lucy desu. Doozo yoroshiku.
Yamada : Lucy-san wa gakusei desu ka?
Lucy : Hai. Watashi wa gakusei desu.


Yamada : How do you do? I’m Yamada. Nice to meet you.
Lucy : How do you do? I’m Lucy. Nice to meet you.
Yamada : Are you a student?
Lucy : Yes, I am.

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