Learning Japanese: Top 5 Ways to Use the Internet To Master the Japanese Language

Learning Japanese: Top 5 Ways to Use the Internet To Master the Japanese Language

Learning Japanese: Top 5 Ways to Use the Internet To Master the Japanese Language

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The Internet is a wonderful place to learn Japanese. There’s really nothing in regards to the language that you can’t find or do. In fact, one could argue that there is too much to find and do. There is information overload. This article is going to cut to the chase and give you the top 5 ways you can use the Internet to learn Japanese.

1. Skype

Skype is the Internet’s best 100% free communication device, having both audio and video capabilities. How can you use it to learn Japanese? It’s simple. Go to a language learning forum and find a native Japanese speaker who wants to learn English. Then do a language exchange. It’s easy. It’s fun, and it’s free. Just make sure that you have a good quality headset with a microphone before you begin.

2. YouTube

YouTube is the Internet’s best video hosting website, and it is loaded with Japanese videos. Some of the videos are instructional, teaching Japanese grammar and pronunciation. Others are TV shows, popular movies, documentaries, and just about anything else that’s been recorded. There is literally, an unending supply of listening practice just waiting for you to come and watch it.

3. Dictionaries and Translators

Want to make your own flash cards? No worries. Just head over to Google Translate and type in the word you want to learn using English. The website will then instantly give you the word in Japanese. Of course, Google is not the only one of the sites. It’s the biggest and best, though, so I recommend that you use it.

4. Forums

Japanese language learning forums are easy to find–just do a Google search. Once you sign up for one, you’ll have access to thousands of other people who are either learning or teaching Japanese. You can get answers to tough questions. You can find language learning software recommendations. As I mentioned before, you can even find language learning partners. In addition, you’ll find lots of great Japanese language learning tips and tricks. Who knows? You may even make some great Japanese friends.

5. Online Japanese Courses

Finally, there are lots of great online Japanese language learning courses. In the past, software and web-based language learning programs were a not-so-great option for those who didn’t have the time or money to attend a Japanese class in person. No more. Today’s online learning courses are just as good or better than classroom-based courses. They are well designed, thoroughly researched, highly interactive and very convenient to use.

Learning Japanese can be difficult, but the Internet is here to help you. Go online and use Skype, You Tube, dictionaries and translators, forums, and online Japanese language learning programs, and you’ll be speaking your new language in no time.

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