We are now open for April 2023 Departure/Admission!

We are now open for April 2023 departure/admission. Join these promising young dreamers as they made their first step to achieve their dreams of going to Japan. For more details, attend our weekly webinar. Send your Resume and inquiry to info@leadgroup-ph.com to receive the zoom link. You can also visit our offices at, Main office: [...]

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Japan Cross Cultural Internship

Internship is about honing ones technical skills through practical application. Japan as one of the best destination is an understatement. Aside from nearly zero crime rate, the weather, food, culture, hospitality, cleanliness & work ethics are just the few reasons why people dream of going. Want to know more? Send an inquiry to info@leadgroup-ph.com.

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Proud alumni of our Nihongo class

Proud alumni of our Nihongo class. Go and fulfill your most awaited moment to go to Japan. Even the Corona pandemic did not affect your dreams. Hail to all of you! Studying Nihongo is a lifetime commitment. Continue to study well if you want to be successful. For more information, send your inquiry to leadgroupinquiry@gmail.com.

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First Group of Ryugakusei’s departed to Japan for 2022!

Our first group of Ryugakusei's departed to Japan under the LEAD Study, Earn and Live in Japan program. Partner schools in Tokyo, Tochigi, Osaka, Kyoto and Nagoya welcomes and patiently waited for the students at the airport with enthusiasm and joy. To know more, send email to leadgroupinquiry@gmail.com. [...]

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Another success story unfold!

Another success story unfold. Safe travels. Good luck to your journey to the land of the rising sun. Another set of Ryuugakusei’s successful travel to Japan. Endless opportunities awaits you. Play it well and reach your dreams. Your #leadfamily will always be here to assist you. We invite tou to attend the weekly webinar to [...]

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Few more slots for October 2022 admission/departure

Do not let the time run out. Few more slots for October 2022 admission/departure. Change and create your opportunities. Join the study, earn and live in Japan Program. An education to employment opportunity (E2E) scheme. For more information, join our weekly webinar. Send your Resume to leadgroupinquiry@gmail.com to get the webinar link. What are you [...]

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